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My momma is home!! She is feeling good and her counts continue to rise slowly. She was so happy and so was their cat. 🙂 David and I brought her home and got her settled. My dad might be going home tomorrow if things look good in the morning. That is definitely sooner than we anticipated. The antibiotics are working well and he is in much less pain. He is still exhausted, but anyone who has spent any time in the hospital knows that you can’t sleep there. (especially when you have a loud roommate like he does).

The best news is that my aunt will be able to come in and stay with them for the week to help. That is a huge answer to my prayers. This next week is my busiest week at work of the whole year. It puts all of our minds at rest to know that she will be here to make sure they are doing well. My brother has also offered to come so we are well taken care of.

There have been so many answered prayers in the last few days. It was a very dark time, with a lot of stress and uncertainty. I can’t even imagine going through the last week with out the comfort and peace of the Lord. Did I still get upset and worried? Definitely! Would I have been more upset and worried if I did not trust in the Lord? Definitely!

Thanks for everyone’s prayers and comments. They are what got us through.

Mom is home and doing well
Dad may be going home tomorrow and in less pain
I praise God for my husband and the amazing support he is to me
My aunt is able to come in for the week

Dad would continue to improve and be able to go home tomorrow


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I have good news, more good news, and bad news.

The good news is that my mom is going home tomorrow morning. Her counts are not great, but up enough to go home. She feels strong and walked around for a bit today. Her appetite is very minimal, but she is getting some protein. The doctor is going to keep her off of the chemo pill, Revlimid, for two weeks hoping that her counts go higher. Then he is going to lower her dose from 10 mg to 5 mg. This scares us a little bit because we want to make sure that it stills keeps the cancer asleep, but the alternative is to keep it the same and go to the hospital a lot. Her Cat scans is in a few weeks so we will know more then.

The other good news is that my doctor did another X-ray today and said that my infection is gone and I can officially return to work on Tuesday.

The bad news….dad is not doing well. The doctor told us that his gall bladder was gangrenous ( i needed to Google that word) and dead. At one point the nurse said that it was poison in his body. Thank God that he did not wait any longer to go to the hospital. The nurse told me today that he was not having a normal recovery because it was so bad. He has had quite a few side effects and is still in a lot of pain. It is extremely discouraging. He needs to stay “a few more days at least”

It has been a roller coaster around here.

Mom gets to go home
I am better

Dads pain to go away and heal quickly
That everyone would feel peace and be able to sleep
That dad would have no more complications
That mom would be safe at the house w/o dad there for a few days

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Quick update

I just wanted to let everyone know that dad just came out of surgery. His gall bladder was very infected and inflamed. The doctor said that he will need to stay here for a few days to recover, but it went well. I have not seen him yet, but he is in recovery and I will meet him upstairs in a little while.

Mom is unchanged. For some reason, this time, her blood counts are not rising. The doctor has no reason for this and just keeps saying that they just need to wait for them to go up in a few days. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.

Right now, prayers for quick recoveries are cherished. They are both being well taken care of and we need to just take it day by day. I will spend the next few days hospital hopping, but I have a lot of support and love.

Thanks for all of the prayers. Keep them coming.

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So, today has been a VERY LONG DAY. I went into Roswell to spend time with mom, who is doing very well. Her infection is under control, but her counts are still low. They won’t release her until they go up. The doctor said maybe Friday.

While there I find out that dad had been sick all night with flu like symptoms. I was worried about him getting dehydrated, but he said he was ok. A few hours later he called my moms room and said that he had been in extreme pain since last night and could not take it anymore. He was heading to the ER.

I decided that I should meet him there. After about 6 hours of waiting, and a cat scan they tell us that his gallbladder is infected and needs to be removed. Oh my!! So after a day of antibiotics they will remove it. He could be home in 2-6 days. UNBELIEVABLE. When it rains it pours on the DuBois’.

Well, I guess it is a good thing that I got cleared to see mom the very day that dad could not go in.
I feel very good.
Mom is being very well taken care of.

My dad is still in extreme pain! Please pray for relief.
For the surgery and recovery to be quick.

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Thanks for everyone’s prayers. Mom is still there, but they are taking good care of her. The nurses are great and mom actually thanked the doctor for admitting her because she knew that is where she needed to be. They told her that her WBC is only at .03. (normal is 4.3-10.8) She is still sick, but she is alert and talked on the phone with me 4x today.

I am feeling much better and got “clearance” from my nurse and mom’s nurse to visit with her tomorrow. I am not required to go back to work until Tuesday, so I can spend some time with her. It all worked out well.

Mom is doing ok and it is not critical
I feel better and got approved to see her

That this illness would be short lived and she could go home quickly

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To Roswell again

My mom is on the 5th floor of Roswell again.  Hopefully it is a quick visit this time, but no one really knows.  Here is the story.  For the past few months she has been doing fairly well.  Better than she had been before, but not nearly as good as we wanted her to be.  Most of the time she has spent in bed or just resting around the house. Her trips out of the house are very few and far between. Her blood work has been up and down. Some weeks she is fine and does not need anything, but there have been many weeks where her counts have been very low and she needed to go right in to get whatever she needed. Mostly, it has been potassium.

This past week was my dad’s birthday and my mom was feeling exceptionally good and strong. They went to several stores and out to dinner. We were all impressed with how she was doing. But then, last night she developed a fever and an earache. She was due to see Dr. Hernandez for her monthly appointment this morning, so the timing was good. I got a text just a little while later saying that she needed to stay. Her red and white counts were dangerously low and her fever was rising.

So, she is there playing the “can they get the right antibiotic” game and getting white and red blood cells. The hardest part for me is that I am just getting over a bought of pneumonia and should not be around her. That is driving me crazy. My place has been next to her when she is there. It is so frustrating. I am heading to the Doctor tomorrow to see if he can clear me to go in or not.

they caught her sickness early and are treating her right away
They had a bed available for her
My antibiotic is working and I feel much better

Prayer Requests:
That they would get the right combination of antibiotics quickly for her
That the doctor would clear me to see her
That she would be able to go home very quickly

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