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Good results!!!

Mom had a cat scan on Friday and this morning we went in to get the results. We were all anxious, but the dr was pleased. He said that that there was no new growth. -sigh of relief-

He is going to lower her dose of Revlimid. It is making her counts go too low. He said that maybe after a few months she can go back up to the original dose.

Overall, he was very pleased and encouraging. She gets blood work every week, sees him every month and gets a cat scan every 4 months.

We are excited, relieved, and going to celebrate with a picnic at the river!!

Praise God!

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Birthday girl

Today, the birthday girl is home. She was discharged from the hospital last night. Her counts are in normal enough range for her to be home. She needs more blood work this week and to follow up with her oncologist at Roswell this week.
It was very reassuring to see her cheeks rosy and her mood much improved.
Today my family will go over and celebrate her 67th birthday with cake and ice cream!!

Later this week she will have her first cat scan in three months. We are slightly anxious about this, but trying to rest in God’s peace.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement.

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Friday update

After a difficult day yesterday, it was nice to see my mom looking better today. Yesterday they were not able to find any veins for mom’s iv. They finally decided to put a Picc line in even though my mom was very much against it. There was no option. For much of the day yesterday she was not able to get her fluids or medications due to no iv and because her throat was too swollen. She was not allowed to even suck on ice chips. It was a LONG few hours.

But today her cheeks are rosy and she is now approved for a liquid diet. She is able to get all her meds now too.

PT took her for a walk but she was off balance. Will see him soon. She just found out her WBC is up to 1. That is not very good, but at least it is higher than 0.

The doctors are busy still trying to figure out what is causing her infection, but until then they are keeping a close watch and giving her all the meds she needs.

Drs and nurse are very nice and helpful so we don’t feel anxious to get to Roswell.
She is feeling a little better today.

Her counts would continue to climb.
The infection would be completely cleared up.

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In the hospital

Hello everyone. That old saying that “no news is good news” is true in my moms case. For the past several months she has been doing fairly well and getting a tiny bit stronger. She went from getting blood work every week to every other week and she seamed to be tolerating her Revlimid well.

That changed about 11 days ago. She came down with a cold. It was just a normal stuffy head and sore throat cold so she just stayed in bed and tried to get better. But yesterday, July 17 I decided to call her oncologist and tell them the symptoms. Her fever was going up and they said to go to the ER. So last night, after a 4 hour in the waiting room, they admitted her.

Her WBC are 0 and her fever was up to 102.7. This morning she is in a lot of pain (mostly in her head) and exhausted. She can hardly lift her head up. The doctor just came in and said she will be here a few days on fluid and antibiotics and she is on the transfer list to Roswell. They just need a bed to open up there.

Uh, that’s a hard one…. I guess we are glad that she was admitted here and being taking care of now.

Prayer requests:
Pain relief
Bed to open quickly at Roswell
Healing from this infection

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