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Ride for Roswell


All of you know that my mom has been through a terrible fight against cancer the past few months.  I won’t go into all of the details because most of you have been following my blog.  It’s enough to say that it has been ugly and long, but it is over for now.  We are celebrating a clean PET scan!! 

Roswell Park has been amazing during this whole process.  The nurses, her doctor, the volunteers there (even the therapy dog) are wonderful.  The level of professionalism is impressive.  The one side of Roswell that you may not know about is that it is a research hospital.  The funds we raise through The Ride For Roswell are earmarked for research and patient care.  Research for cancer cures is going on right now, as you’re reading this. Patients at Roswell Park (there were more than 30,000 last year) also routinely benefit from “quality of life” enhancements made possible by Ride fund-raising.

That is why we have created TEAM RE-JOYCE for the Ride for Roswell.  My husband, daughters, father-in-law and myself are riding on June 23rd for a cure.  Please take a look at the attached link to find out more about the ride, where the money goes, and how to support us.

We are so excited to help raise money for Roswell.  They have done so much for our family.  Please consider donating.  Thanks.




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Best news!!

We just received the best news that we could get today.  Mom’s PET scan came back “clean”.  Dr. Hernandez said that the three rounds of chemo “did the job”

The NP even said that she looked at the before and after scans and was amazed at how they looked!! She does not need a fourth round which is good because they would not have given it to her anyway. (He said that she almost died from infection several times during the treatments)

She needs to start a low dose chemo pill everyday, but that has very minimal side effects. He said, “the cancer is sleeping and this pill will help it stay asleep.” If the cancer stays asleep for 2 years, then she is considered cancer free. If it comes back before that…well, not such good news. It will be aggressive, BUT there is a BRAND NEW drug available as an option at that point. It was not even available a couple of months ago.

We are ecstatic! Well, mom is in shock and was having a hard time letting it all sink in. Before we left Roswell she did say, “I have cartwheels in my stomach”

She needs to have blood work done every week because this pill can effect her blood counts and she sees the doctor once a month. CAT scans will be done every 4 months.

None of us were expecting such good news. We were praying for it, but not expecting it. Funny how that works. But God said, “YES!!” to our prayers this time and we are so very grateful. We give Him all of the glory and praise that He deserves. He created science and the medications that are helping my mom. He gives the doctors the wisdom to help her. He gives us the peace to deal with the ups and downs. If the results were bad, we would praise Him. But the results are good, so we will praise Him LOUDER!!!

Praise God for hearing our prayers and answering YES!!!

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The Wait

Thursday is coming.  Thursday is looming and weighing and heavy and dark.  Thursday is mom’s PET scan and results.  It feels like a dark cloud hanging heavy over our heads.  Hearing the results will be very difficult, but the wait is terrible too.  We do not think that any more treatment will be available to her (with exception of low dose chemo pills) so these results are critical.  We are trying to be positive, but balancing that with reality is important.  Optimism, Pessimism, Realism…a difficult balance. 

This past week Dad had to bring Mom into Roswell several times to get more potassium.  Her body is not able to maintain it by itself even though she is on a supplement.  Other than that the week was pretty quiet for them. 

My one request this week is for PEACE.  We are praying for a “peace that passes understanding”.  The good thing is that we believe in a God who is the author of that peace.  Please pray for an abundance of peace on my whole family before, during and after the test.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort my mom and dad in an amazing and abundant way.  Please pray that the fear would be fleeting and not set up residence in our hearts.  Of course, we pray for good test results, but we pray for peace no matter what happens.  Please pray that my parents would undoubtedly feel the presence of the Lord all week. 

Thank you for joining me in these prayers.  God is good, all the time!

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It has been a quiet week here.  We could not ask for anything better.  Mom is getting a lot of rest and is feeling pretty good.   We all had a wonderful visit with my aunt and uncle last weekend and now two friends that my parents have known for about 30 years are visiting this weekend.  My brother will also be in for Easter and several days after that. Phew….it has been a wonderful distraction for my parents. 

I spoke with her doctor a couple of days ago and they said that her blood counts are ok.  They are not exactly normal, but not bad either.  After everything she has been through, we take that as good news. 

I wanted to let everyone know that I will not be posting another blog for over a week.  My husband, kids and I are excited to be going on vacation to Virginia Beach this coming week.  We are hoping for a restful and rejuvenating time away. 

So, I will leave you with a few praises and prayer requests to tie you over 😉


*Mom has been feeling pretty good and has had no issues for a while now

*My family gets to go on vacation…..woo hoo

*My dad and I are beginning to realize how amazing Medicare is….REALLY!!!!


*That mom’s health would continue to improve and she would continue to rest well

*That everyone’s minds would be at rest about the next dr. appt on April 19th.  She will be getting a PET scan and the results that day.



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