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That old saying…

That old saying – No news is good news- is true tonight.  For a week the blog has been quiet because mom has been fine.  She has been resting and feeling fairly well considering what her body has gone through.  But tonight I came home to a message on my answering machine from dad saying that he was bringing mom back into Roswell tonight.  The bottom line is that her Potassium was “critically low” according to the doctor.  My first thought was “big deal, it’s just potassium….wait, what does potassium do?”  When I googled it, I realized that it was very important.

Potassium is an electrolyte in the body found mostly in the cells.  But small changes in the level of potassium outside of the cells can have severe effects on the heart, the nerves and muscles.  A person can become very weak and it can effect the beating of the heart also.  Normal levels are 3.5-5.0.  Mom’s was 2.7 which is considered critical.  The good news is that all they had to do was go into the hospital and get 4 hours worth of Potassium and then go home (why can’t these things happen during the day instead of late at night?)

Hopefully, it will be that easy.  Please pray with us that it is that easy and she can go home and relax again.  She just said to me today how frustrated she was with how weak she feels.  She was really hoping that she would be feeling stronger and stronger, but just walking with her walker into the living room  is tiring right now.  Maybe this will make the difference. 


*The doctor saw her blood work and knew how serious it was.

*There was a bed open on 5 West (our first choice) for her 4 hour stay.


*Obviously, that the potassium would give her more strength

*My aunt and uncle are coming in for a visit this weekend. Please pray for a fun, relaxing and meaningful time.



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Momma’s Home

After a very long and sometimes stressful 22 days at Roswell, mom was allowed to go home today. Her counts were up enough and the fever was staying down. Her PT cleared her to go home as long as she uses her walker around the house.
I have never seen someone so excited to touch a daffodil or see a robin. She is resting comfortable now. Dad and I need to give her the IV antibiotic for 7 more days which makes us feel like nurses. I definitely have a new found appreciation for nurses in general. :).
The next step is for her to rest and to continue to let her counts rise. She may need a platelet infusion later this week, but we won’t know that until Thursday. Our next appointment is not until April 19th. At that point mom gets a PET scan to find out if any of the cancer is still there. We meet with Dr. Hernandez right after the scan to talk about the results and what the next step might be. He did mention that he is not leaning toward a fourth round. He said that she might not be able to handle it. We feel the same way. This last round was very, very hard on her.

Oh, I also counted my mom’s cards today. We have kept each and every one since this all began. 83 CARDS!!! She feels very loved. We were working on writing up thank you cards, but that got a little overwhelming so please take this as a sincere thank you. Each and every one of them puts a much needed smile on her face. It makes her feel less alone in this terrible fight.

• Mom’s home!!!!

• that her fever will not return. If it gets up to 100.4 we need to call them and probably go back in.
• that her counts will continue to rise on their own
• that she will not fall down!!! This is a big concern because her platelets are still low.
• that she, and everyone else, can relax during these 3 weeks of rest before the PET scan.

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Stupid tv

This week has been filled with stupid television. I am shocked at the amount of ridiculous shows on. Cat hoarders, Millionaire Matchmaker, and LAInk to name a few. It has been sort of fun making fun of these shows with mom though.
The doctor has told us that mom has a blood infection called Staph aureas. It can be serious if it spreads to the heart, but hers DID NOT SPREAD. She is going to be on two weeks of antibiotic. He also said that she may be able to go home soon. Maybe early next week, but that depends on how things go. Today was medium. Not great, not the worst. Her stomach is still sick and she is very weak. And as I was leaving and my dad was arriving her fever began to go up again. It is 99, but needs to be 99.8 for Tylenol.
I am not sure how things will go. Her health is so unpredictable and changes on a dime. But her counts are crawling up so that is very good.

P.S. My parents are celebrating 49 years of marriage on Saturday!! They are an inspiration to me and many others.

•God has made himself very evident to us the past few days.
•My dad is feeling much better
•Moms echo came back clean. (the infection did not spread to her heart)

•Moms body would start fighting the infection
•Her stomach would settle so that she can build up her strength quickly to go home
•My parents would be able to enjoy their anniversary.

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Mom’s fever has been going up and down for two days now.  It has not gotten up to 104 again, but it is still about 102 sometimes.   I got a call this morning from Roswell and I heard the nurse’s voice on the line…never a good thing…she told me that earlier this morning, when my mom’s fever was up, she tried to get up to use the bathroom and accidentally pulled out her brand new pic line.  She said is was very traumatic for my mom who was asking for me.  I rushed in, but by then everything had settled down and she was much better.  She still can’t remember it happening, but is feeling the pain from it.  Later today, they were able to put a new line in up near her neck. 

 Because her fever effects her mind so much, the doctor has put a “sitter” in place for my mom.  That means that she always needs someone with her.  If my dad and I are not there, the nurses take turns or they call someone else in to sit with her and make sure that she is safe.  This is especially important overnight.  I can’t tell you how reassuring that is.  I did not know that this was even a possibility. 

The doctor came in to see her today and said that she does have a slight case of pneumonia (they took a chest xray yesterday) and that could be causing her fevers.  But they also said that if it keeps going up and down (which it is) that they would do a CAT scan tomorrow (Wed) to see if they could spot an area of infection.  She is constantly having new and different antibiotics on her IV pole because her counts are still too low to fight anything off. 

This morning, I did ask the PA how concerned I should be.  I wanted to know how serious this was.  She reassured me that mom would recover just fine.  She said that mom is very sick and they were trying to find and fight the infection, but that after this she would be feeling much better.  The doctor did mention that she should be feeling better by friday at the latest.  Not going home yet, but feeling better.  This was very reassuring.


  • Have I mentioned how wonderful the nurses are there?  THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL and I want the world to know it.
  • Mom should be feeling better in just a few more days
  • Tylenol is able to lower her fever


  • That her fever would stop going up and down. 
  • That her mind would be clear and that she would be at peace
  • That whatever infection is in her body would GO AWAY!
  • That her stomach would settle so she can eat and drink again

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Fever broke

Thanks for all of the prayers. Her fever is down and they discovered that the infection was in her blood. They just gave her a new pick line and are taking the old one out.

All of her counts are extremely low. Her WBC is 0. And her platelets are 15 so they gave her two bags of platelets. She is less confused now, but obviously very weak and tired.

Praise God for an awesome staff here. Megan, her nurse, was exceptional!!!

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Mom is really sick this morning. She is still at Roswell, but her fever reached 104 this morning. No one knows why at this point. One side of her face is redder and hotter than the other.
I have to be honest. I have never seen my mom so sick. She is slightly confused and is shaking a lot.
The nurses are being great! Helped me change her sheets and wash her a little. She is still nauseous despite the zofran. She is currently on two antibiotics and they have a call in for some Tylenol too.

The only thing I can do is hold her hand and pray. Dad is on his way in also.

Please join me in prayer. Pray that her fever goes down quickly. Pray that her pain and nausea goes away. Pray for clarity of mind.

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