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Talked to the Dr.

Well, we got most of the answers to our questions.   The doctor said that she is doing fairly well.   Basically, he said that she will be in Roswell for the rest of the week and then hopefully can go home.  She needs to eat and be able to walk around before they will release her.  The PT is going to come around and help her try to walk.   She has no appetite at all though. 

The doctor said that he will give her a week at home and then begin round 2 of the chemo at the end of next week.  

I asked him if this round was “bumpier” than he suspected and he said no.  He said that he knew it would be very hard.  ~sigh~

Mom’s spirits are up today.  She is joking with me and dad.  I was able to wash her hair and give her a little bath too. 

Mom wants everyone to know that she can see Lake Erie from her room.   She just lays in her bed and has such a beautiful  view. 


  • She may be able to go home at the end of the week
  • Her WBC are normal and blood pressure is fine
  • Things seam to be improving today


  • That she would have an appetite to eat
  • That her strength would increase so she could walk around


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All mom wants to do is sleep.  I got here at 8:00am this morning and she has been sleeping ever since. (it is now 12:30)  Maybe it is just her body trying to fight.  Maybe it is just worn out.  I don’t know.

Here is a quick  update for this morning:

Her blood pressure is ok, her WBC are back to normal, her platelets are still very low and now her hemoglobin is very low.   They have her on oxygen because that level went below normal yesterday.  They are planning on giving her some blood today to try to get her hemoglobin up.  It appears that the infection from her old port is gone and she has no more pain in her back.  Her fever is under control also.

So there is some good news and some new concerns…I guess that is going to be the way it is for a while.

Dr. Hernandez (her main oncologist) is coming in the afternoon to look at her and answer my ever-growing list of questions.  I will probably have more to update at that point.



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A snowy Saturday

Her first night back in Roswell was a rough one. Dad ended up staying with her at the hospital because she was in so much back pain. The nurses were great and did their best to give her the right kind of meds to help.
Now today she says that last night was a blur. Today was much much better. The pain was under control and she was able to rest on and off all day.
She has not been eating hardly at all so they have agreed to put her on an IV nutrient. This will give her everything she needs even if she eats nothing.
She also had a cat scan of her head because they were concerned about some confusion she was having. The preliminary results are good. She was very concerned about the cancer spreading there, but it looked ok. The confusion may have just been caused by the morphine they gave her for her surgery last night.
We joked today a little and watched some tv. She still needs help getting out of bed each time because she is so weak. She had low blood pressure all day, also. Her emotions are so much better here than at suburban. The nurse to patient ratio is so much smaller here. Her nurses are always avAilable right away and are so very kind!!!
Today the dr did say that they will probably have to postpone the 2 round of chemo that she is supposed to start on thurs. They need to get rid of the infection and then make sure that her counts go up again before they start more chemo.
Sometimes it feels like we have Been on this journey for months instead of just a few weeks, but it must seam much longer to mom.

• Pain has been a lot more manageable today
• her WBC has gone up to 1.2 even though that is still super low, it is better than it was
• she was in a good mood all day
• cat scan looked good

• her infection would continue to go away
• her counts would go up quickly so that the chemo does not have to be put off for very long
• her mind would be clear and calm


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Well, we made it to Roswell. They are efficient here. They put her on more antibiotics and the surgeon came in to operate on her old port site. He is sending away a culture of it to find out which antibiotics will work best.

Her platelets are 30 and her WBC is .7. Neither of those counts are good. The doctor mentioned that if they stay that low that she won’t be able to start her next round of chemo on Thursday.

Mom is having a lot of pain tonight. More than before. But this time it is in her lower back. We have no idea why. The nurse said that the dr will address it tomorrow morning.

• we got a bed at Roswell
• my kids got over the 24 hour flu in 6 hours and David and I did not get it.

•for pain reduction
•for the infection in her old port to go away
•for them to know what is wrong with her back

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…still there…

Mom is still at Suburban.  Supposedly she is on the waiting list to get a bed at Roswell, but that list is long. 

 Fortunately, she was moved to a single room last night.  That was a huge answer to prayer.  We had been asking for one since monday when she was admitted.   The room was disinfected, everyone that comes in needs a mask, and we are very strict about the hand sanitizer too.   Her WBC has gone even lower than before. 

She is receiving a unit of platelets because that dropped low again today.  The good news (if you could call it that) is that the site of her old port is infected, but it does not have an abscess.  (Hey- it’s a reach, but we need some good news)  That just means that they are going to keep giving her antibiotic for it and not open it up to drain it. 

The newest news tonight is that her fever has gone back up to 100.8 despite the Tylenol that she is on.  I am not really sure how dangerous this is, but I know that it is not a good thing. 


  • A single room!!!
  • No abscess at old port site
  • They increased her pain meds which was needed

Prayer Requests:

  • That her fever would go down and stay down
  • That her counts would go up and stay up
  • That she would sleep soundly
  • My children have the stomach flu, so please pray hard that me and David don’t get it!!  

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This is definitely “BUMPY”.  Many of you have heard that my mom was rushed to the emergency room on Monday night because her fever was up to 101.8.  This can be very dangerous for her at this point.   Normal white blood cell counts are between 4 and 10 approximately.  Hers was down to 0.2.  That is two-tenths of one.   Her body has absolutely no way to  fight infection on its own.

She also fell when she tried to walk to the bathroom on her own.  She hit her head on the wall.  She had to have an X-ray as soon as we got there because her platelets are so low they we concerned about internal bleeding.  Thankfully she did not injure herself in the fall except for a few small bruises.

There were no beds at Roswell so she was admitted to Suburban Hospital.  She was put on IV antibiotics to help with whatever infection there was going on in her body.

The infection seems to be where her old port was.  She had a port put in between 15-20 years ago for chemo.  It stopped working a few weeks ago so they had to remove it and put in a pick line instead.  That site is red and getting more and more painful.   As I am writing this, they are taking a CAT scan of it to see what is going on and how to make it better. 

They are keeping her fever under control with Tylenol and she is able to rest some.  She is very upset about having to be there, but it is what has to be right now.  She is too weak to even stand up.


  • For our amazing church family (past and present) that loves on her and us continually.
  • For a competent hospital staff who are making her as comfortable as possible


  • For some relief of her pain.  She has severe migraines and her port site is causing pain also.
  • For peace of mind.  Her emotions are all over the place.  Pray that she can settle her mind so her body can heal.
  • For wisdom for the doctors to know how to proceed
  • For God-given strength for my dad and me


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